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  • tobacco cessation jacksonville

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Healthcare the way it should be | Easy, Convenient, and Affordable

At Emed primary care & walk in clinic, our staff and physicians are committed to providing outstanding primary care services. Experts in primary care, we work together as a team to deliver comprehensive and compassionate care with minimal waiting times, and we are happy and ready to care for those with insurance from the affordable care act known as Obama Care. Emed Primary Care in Jacksonville, Florida is a one-of-a-kind center that specializes in Medical Weight Loss Programs with Approved medications such as ADIPEX, Urgent Care, Walk-In Clinic, Automobile Accident treatment,Workers Compensation, Addiction treatment and our new Emed Aesthetic Center. The Aesthetic Center provides a wide variety of services such as Laser Hair Removal, Laser Tattoo Removal, Toenail Fungus Removal, Jessner chemical peels and more. With onsite X-Ray and lab capabilities we are able to meet 90 percent of the health needs of patients 6 months of age and up. We also provide sports physicals and Allergy testingand more. We are open 8:30am to 5pm M-F. Emed accepts most major insurance carriers, including Medicaid, and also offers competitive self-pay options.

A visit with your normal primary care physician is required before these services will be provided. We look forward to serving you in this area and helping to make your medical care more convenient and efficient for you.

Our office is located at 2624 Atlantic Blvd Suite: 1, Jacksonville, Fl 32207. We appreciate your Business… 

Meet Our Doctors

  • Dr. Rene Pulido

    Dr. Rene Pulido

    Dr. Rene U. Pulido, a graduate from Jacksonville Mayo Clinic Family Residency Program, opened EMED Primary Care and Walk In Clinic in August of 2010.

  • Dr. Mario Pulido

    Dr. Mario Pulido

    Dr Mario A. Pulido is board certified in internal medicine with sub-specialty training in congestive heart failure and advanced cardiac imaging.

  • Dr. Danny Pulido

    Dr. Danny Pulido

    Dr. Pulido is board certified in the practice of pulmonary & critical care. He is also trained in the newest advances and technology.

What our patients say

  • Staff was skilled and prompt, Dr. Pulido was quick and to the point in making a diagnosis, prescribed the adequate medicine for treatrment and referred me to the needed specialist This clinic is a great alternative to a hospital emergency room and its costs and waiting time

    Raul Chaumont,

  • Dr. Pulido and his staff are the best!! I would never go anywhere else!!!

    Betty Lawecki,

  • the Doctor and nurses were very attentive and through with there questions and always asked if there was anything else they could help me with its been along time since I have seen a Doctor the really cared about my experience in his office Emed is my new medical home

    Daniel Johnson,

  • I have been a patient at Emed for over 2 years. When they first opened in my neighborhood I was thrilled to have a primary care physician so close to home!! Then when I found out they accepted my insurance I was even more excited!! I chose Dr. Pulido as my primary care physician and I have been under his care since. He is a WONDERFUL doctor. He takes time with his patients (even though he has become seriously busy and popular) and I have always felt that he genuinely cares about my well being. The staff at Emed are friendly, caring and helpful. I have had numerous situations where I needed special attention, for one reason or another, and the staff at Emed have been there for me EVERY time. Thank you to Dr. Pulido and his wonderful staff!! I look forward to many more years as a patient!!

    Kristin Fisher,

  • I really like how professional everyone is and the facility is easily accessible. The only problem I have is I have not yet met the Doctor! His staff is more than capable and I really enjoy the summary of visits. I just would like to meet the doctor.

    Diana Smith,

  • Changing Dr's is never fun, but when my insurance insisted, Dr Mario made the transition very pleasant! They are a friendly and professional group of people! I referred my husband and he too is very happy with EMed. Thank you!

    Amy Martin,

  • Dr. Pulido is great. Nice, caring, and genuinely wants to make you feel better. I have been going to him for several months now and am very happy to be under his care. I highly recommend him.

    Sandy New,

  • I have been with Emed from the beginning and I love the Dr. Rene Pulido of his outstanding concern and love for his patient regardless of race,creed, or religion. I am excited how his practice has expand to accommodate the needs of his native ethnicity and beyond. I encourage anyone who is seeking a physician who cares, listen to you concerns, suggestions, recommendations Emed Primary Care and Walk In Clinic is the medical practice you want to become a member of the family. Kudos for Dr. Pulido and staff of Emed Primary Care and Walk In Clinic!

    Therese Gamble,

  • I have been coming to Emed for just a few months but my experience with them has been above my standards each time. The doctors and nurses make sure to address any issues and are always offering an open ear to hear any questions or concerns I have. Dr Pulido is very thorough with his appointment and patient care and I can see myself continuing to come here for quite some time.

    April Wallauer,

  • I have had a positive experience so far. I came as a referral to see the Pulminologist and the appt was very professional. I did not even get a chance to sit down in the waiting room as they came for me that fast. Within 24 hours of my visit I had equipment for a home sleep apnea study and that also went smoothly. The staff is pleasant and the waiting area is large and CLEAN. So far I am impressed with Dr. Pulido and will continue to see him.

    Chuck Rowland,

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