Growing Pains of Pseudarthrosis

Growing Pains of Pseudarthrosis

August 3, 2022

As we age, so do our bones. There are many various types of bone pain and they can occur in all parts of the body.  One pretty common type of bone pain is Pseudarthrosis.

Pseudarthrosis is when the bones shift at the break point. This causes the break to not heal correctly. Some potential causes of this are smoking (nicotine can stop the capability to generate new bone), poor nutrition, aging, obesity, and osteoporosis.

Other causes include diabetes, steroids, certain medicines that reduce swelling (non-steroids), not enough downtime after fusion surgery, and neck pain (some people experience no symptoms or a combination of symptoms). The pain can push out into the arms and shoulders. More inflammation & pain can develop over time by moving the neck.

Diagnosis is usually confirmed with an X-ray.

pseudoarthritis patient

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