Emed Multispecialty Group

Emed Youtube Challenge

Do you love Emed & need some extra money for Christmas shopping? If you have a little skill with the camera then you could win 1st prize in the Emed Youtube Challenge! How do you win?

Upload an original YouTube or Facebook video at least 30 seconds long that promotes Emed. A winning video will be fresh, original, honest, fair, and entertaining.

1st prize: $400 cash!

2nd prize: $150 cash!

3rd prize: $75 cash!

Runner up: $75 cash!

All top 4 videos will also be shared on our Facebook page and YouTube channel, so aspiring filmmakers, get out there!

Other Rules:

Video must be original, not include any copyrighted content, and be at least 30 seconds long. This contest runs throughout the year, with winners being announced every quarter. All entries for this current run (Fall 2020) must be received by the end of the year (Dec 31st 2020). All videos will belong to Emed after submission. You must either tag us on Facebook, message us on Youtube, or email us to let us know you when you post your video.

If you plan to participate, please send us a quick email so we can track & share the current # of submissions.

Winners will be announced by Jan. 11th 2021.