Emed Multispecialty Group

How To Use ECW + Healow App

  1. On the patient hub, click the info button near the top

2. Click the options button at the bottom, then click “web enable” on the dropdown menu.

3. Now you will see the patient’s Healow details. If this is the first time the patient has tried Healow, you will need to set up a username and password for them (In the password box it will show ********** but there is no password yet). You can set it to whatever the patient requests, but they will need a working email address.

An account that has not been setup yet will say “Status: Not Web Enabled” across the top, will have no email, and ******** as a stand in for the password. An account that has been setup will have an email in the email box and the password field will be blank. There is no way to lookup the existing password, so if the patient has forgotten it, make a new password for them.

You can also see there are checkboxes to unlock an account and disable the account. If the patient has tried their password too often and needs it unlocked, check the box “Unlock Account”, click “OK”, then “OK” again (on the Patient Information tab). Then they can try to login again. If it still doesn’t work, it is best to change the password for them and have them try again. There is no way for the patient to set the password themselves. Using the “unlock the patient account” button does not change their username/password/email/pin #.

Whenever you make changes it is best to hit ok until you get back to the Patient Hub to make sure the changes are saved. If the password/username isn’t working, update it and exit all the way back out to the main screen of ECW before the patient tries to login again.

You can also disable the account by checking the box and hitting OK.

When you change a username or password, ECW will ask if you want to print the information for the patient.

When you first setup an account the system will send an email with an explanation and the user details.

Hopefully this was helpful. If you have anything to add or any questions, please send it to bsoule@emedmultispecialtygroup.com. Thanks!