Emed Multispecialty Group

Signing Up For Healow

Wait for the app to download.

You should now have the Healow app installed and ready to go on your home screen.

Once you have downloaded the Healow app, open it to begin. The app icon should automatically be placed on your home screen.

Step 1

Find your doctor

You will see an introduction page with sliders that go over the app’s different features. You can slide to the left to read all of the slides.

Hit “Get Started” at the bottom when you are ready to proceed.

The app will give you two options to find your doctor. In the bottom half, there should be a box you can type in labeled “Enter Practice Code/Phone No.”

Enter “904 513 3240” in the box and tap the big green LOGIN button underneath.

You should see the Emed logo and the app should now ask for a username and password. These are created & managed by our system and any Emed staff member should be able to find it or reset it for you.

Step 2

Ask for you Healow login during your appointment or by phone.

Enter your login details and hit “Login”

4. Read and accept the terms of use agreement, hit agree at the bottom.

5. Create a 4 digit pin # and then reenter it to confirm.

6. Choose whether or not to use touch id instead of a pin # (Up to you) Touch ID is another way to say “fingerprint reader”. This option may not appear if your phone doesn’t have a fingerprint reader or it is turned off.

7. The app will show some slides to explain the different features and buttons, slide to the left to get through them

8. You will now be able to use the app. You can receive updates from Emed, check appointments, send an appointment request, view some records, medications, and send progress updates to your doctor from fitness trackers and the like. (Not all features may be available depending on a variety of factors)

If you’re stuck, we would be glad to help you, whether it’s over the phone, you can email us, or we can look at it together after your next appointment. The below video from the creators of the Healow app also covers the basic steps of setup and the features of the app so it may be helpful (it may be slightly outdated though).