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What is Telemedicine?

(Also referred to as Telehealth, Teletherapy or Telepsychiatry) Telemedicine is a form of video conferencing allowing physicians and therapists to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients remotely using telecommunication technology, for example at the patient’s home or workplace. In plain language this means you can have a doctor’s appointment through a video chat on your smartphone. This is all runs through our trusted provider Doxy.me. It also provides the opportunity for consultation with family members, teachers and other providers involved in the patient’s care. Surveyed patients participating in telemedicine say they are very satisfied with the care they are receiving and that they feel telemedicine is a reliable form of practice. In addition, they find that they are able to keep their appointments on a more regular basis.


Telemedicine provides the patient with benefits that may lead to better care. We understand it can be difficult to take time off from your busy schedule to come to our office. This form of treatment can eliminate your commute time and lead to less stress, especially when you are scheduled to see your physician often. For patients who are usually seen in the office but are sick or traveling, this form of treatment allows you to still keep your appointment without interrupting your care.

Telemedicine is currently only available for certain Primary Care patients. Please speak with your provider for more information. Every telemedicine patient will need to sign this consent form first.

You may provide Telemedicine Consent by:

  1. Completing the form online from the link below.
  2. Mailing the completed form to Emed Multispecialty Group 2624 Atlantic Boulevard, Jacksonville, Florida 32207 (Download from the link below then print & complete)
  3. Faxing the completed form to (904) 398-7871 (Download from the link below, complete the form on a PC or print and fill it out, then fax)
  4. Emailing the completed form to gbaldrich@emedmultispecialtygroup.com (Download from the link below then complete it with a pdf editor such as Adobe Acrobat, then attach the file in an email)
  5. In-person at our office.

If you have questions, please call our medical records department at (904) 513-3240

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Frequently Asked Questions

At all times, our focus is on preventing injury and disease in your child and early diagnosis of adverse health conditions and developmental disorders. As a result, we provide a broad spectrum of healthcare services for our patients, including:

  • Is it safe and secure?
  • Is it as good as a regular appointment?
  • How affordable is it?
  • Can I still get prescriptions?
  • How do I sign up for telemedicine?
  • What do I need to complete a telemedine appointment?
  • How do I log into Healow?
  • How do I check when my next appointment is scheduled?
  • How do I scheduled a telemedicine appointment?
Is it safe and secure?

Yes. We use the most secure technology available that is HIPAA approved and are constantly updating our systems to stay ahead of the curve. Each appointment takes place in a closed off patient room, just as in a regular appointment.

Is it as good as a regular appointment?

There are pros and cons. While you don’t get to shake the doctor’s hand or visit our very nice clinic, you still get a personal face to face interaction with only you and the doctor in a private setting. The quality of the video chat is good enough that the doctor can see anything you need to share. You will get the same amount of time as you would with a normal appointment.

How affordable is it?

For patients without insurance it is quite affordable at $80 a session. Otherwise, patients will only be responsible for their portion of what is not covered by their insurance.

Can I still get prescriptions?

Yes, the doctor can prescribe medications as normal.

How do I sign up for telemedicine?

First, visit https://emedprimarycare.com/telemedicine-consent-form/ and complete the telemedicine consent form. This will enable us to treat you via telemedicine.

Second, you will need to contact us by phone at (904) 513-3240. Emed will provide you a username and password that will allow you to log-in for telemedicine appointments.

Note: You must be an established patient of the clinic to qualify for telemedicine. Pain Management or Medical Marijuana patients are currently not accepted for Telemedicine appointments.

What do I need to complete a telemedine appointment?

First, you will need a telemedicine account with Healow. If you do not have a telemedicine account, you will need to sign up. Please read the above question: “How do I sign up for telemedicine?”

Second, you will need a smart phone or tablet with the Healow App. Log-in to the Healow app using your username and password provided by Emed.

If you do not have a smart phone, alternatively you may use a desktop computer located in a quiet location. Your computer must have both a video camera and a microphone enabled.

How do I log into Healow?

Logging in to Healow is easy! If you have received a username and password from Emed, simply open the Healow App and enter the username and password we have provided you. If you need help getting the Healow app, check out our short guide here.

When you log in for the first time, you will be asked to set a 4-digit pin number. In the future, when you log-in, you will only need to use this pin number to log in.

How do I check when my next appointment is scheduled?

First, log in to the Healow App.

If you have Logged in before, you will be asked to enter your 4-digit pin number.

Once you have entered this information, on the main page of the app you will see a blue wheel. Click on appointments at the top of the wheel. You will see your upcoming appointment date and time listed.

How do I scheduled a telemedicine appointment?

EASY! You can call us over the phone at (904) 513-3240 and we will be happy to find an available time slot for you.


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