Emed Multispecialty Group

Nursing Students, Are You Looking For the Next Step?

Here at eMed we understand the value in what students bring to the table and we are always accepting new student applications for rotations. eMed is a busy multispecialty center located in Jacksonville, Fl. We have multiple clinics within our single location serving over 200 patients a day with diverse backgrounds through both telehealth and in-office visits. Currently, we have clinics catering to primary care, pediatrics, women’s health including its involved procedures, under insured/uninsured/indigent patients, pain management, and medical marijuana. In addition, we have a department that primarily serves only sees spanish speaking patients regardless of insurance.

We are happy to accept hard working, dedicated, and caring nursing students for clinical rotations. We will work with you and your availability to accommodate your requested number of clinical hours. All our students receive direct clinical teaching, hands on experience with electronic medical records, and direct contact with patients allowing students to practice clinical, diagnostic, and treatment skills.

If you would like to move forward with your nursing rotation with Dr. Pulido and eMed please take a moment to contact us using the below information.

Thank you for reaching out!

Sierra Boyette


(904) 513-3240