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Our Technology

Emed Primary Care and Walk In Clinic is utilizing the latest in Electronic Medical Records technology. EClinical Works™ is our software vendor and is delivering a superior product. All information is entered, tracked, and saved electronically, from the time a patient checks into the medical center until they check out preventing loss of charts.

Emed will provide its own formulary for medications that our doctors commonly prescribe for. For a small price, you can get your prescription filled here and also be back home without an additional trip to the pharmacy or superstore.

X-rays as well as lab work that used to take days to receive and also report on, now only take seconds. We can also read the results of an X-ray immediately as well as direct your care without any extra steps. Lab results could get lost in the mail or worse. Now the staff at Emed can provide you the results electronically, as soon as they are processed. The lab result will be saved to the electronic chart and also can be easily referenced by the physician any time, day or night. Try to do that with paper charts.