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Emed now offers addiction treatment services. Our trained physicians have years of experience in treating addiction and providing pain management alternatives. We can treat many different conditions such as: alcohol dependence, opioid dependence, amphetamine dependence, and more. And as always, we strive to be as affordable as possible so no one in our community is left behind.

We believe in healing the whole person. Our full-time, on-site medical and clinical team put your recovery first. They will ensure they understand where you are in the addiction and identify any comorbidity.

We work with many other doctors and specialists, such as American Addiction Centers, to ensure full coverage of all patient needs and challenges.

If you need help, the first step is to reach out and ask. No one should be ashamed to ask for help. Please, if you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, take that step and ask for assistance. The longest journeys begin with a single step.

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