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Our back pain doctors are experts at getting you feeling like yourself again. Our approach to managing pain eases your discomfort and stress, while elevating your quality of life.

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Back pain can be caused by a huge variety of diseases, bad habits, & other factors. At Emed our providers have years of experience in treating all kinds of back pain, so make an appointment today so you don’t have to keep suffering!

After diagnosing your chronic pain conditions with our pain management professionals, we review the obvious next step, the treatment. Using the latest proven research in medicine we rid you of chronic pain in the safest way possible. Here at Emed Multispecialty Group, our back pain doctors work with you. Seeking the best pain treatment is our objective, utilizing the latest medical procedures is our strategy.

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Pain Management in Jacksonville, FL

At Emed Multispecialty Group, we help minimize pain from multiple causes such as work injuries, surgeries, and chronic pain conditions, from muscle, skeletal, joint, and nerve damage. Our pain management techniques will help you find pain relief that lasts.

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Individualized care is what sets Emed Multispecialty Group apart from other clinics. Upon visiting our clinic, you’ll witness why we’re the premier pain clinic in Jacksonville. The Emed team, from our expert specialists to our caring staff, provide you an outstanding health care experience.

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