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At Emed Pediatric Services of Jacksonville, the staff has a vast array of pediatric care services designed to make your experience easy and convenient. With your child’s health always the number one priority, we understand you can’t run to the ER every time something happens. The staff also understand that your time is valuable, and provides services to help you spend less time in the doctor’s office and more time with your family. Here are a few of the valuable services that we offer.

  • Same-day urgent care appointments; see a provider when your child is sick, not days later!Pediatrics
  • Well-trained medical staff is eager to answer your questions and also make your child better.
  • Emed Pediatrics has an on-site laboratory for quick analysis and results; don’t wait weeks for test results!
  • Emed Pediatrics of Jacksonville utilizes the latest in electronic health records (EHR). This enables the efficient transfer of information to expedite medication refills, test and lab results and protects your privacy at the same time.
  • Emed Pediatrics staff is referral experts and will expedite any necessary referrals professionally.
  • Pregnant or recently had a baby? Call today!

Proper Prenatal Care

Learn from the beginning how to care for your newborn, what to expect when milestones to look for, immunizations, proper nutrition, natural prenatal vitamins, and also more!

Newborn and Infant Care

Ensuring your child remains healthy from birth by forming a caring relationship with your family is our top priority. Starting your newborn off in life with expert, compassionate healthcare sets the foundation for a long, healthy life. Contact our office today and allow us to partner with you for life!