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Looking for a compassionate, senior care physician in Jacksonville?

Do you want to stay active for family, friends and grandkids, address concerns about family history or get answers to an issue you’ve been experiencing? Let Emed help. We’re a unique type of primary care in Jacksonville for people 65+ who want to be proactive with their health to live their best life. We pride ourselves on providing the best senior healthcare around!

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Health at every age

Our comprehensive approach to senior care and wellness considers every facet of your life — mental, physical, social, and emotional. Personalized care might include counseling, physical therapy, nutrition plans, and other lifestyle changes in combination with any necessary treatments.

  • Longer Appointments – We won’t rush you. Our doctors take the time to listen and will spend time to get to know you and get a full picture of your health during each visit.
  • Under One Roof – Our team works together in harmony under one roof so we can easily discuss patient progress and opportunities, with the united goal of keeping you healthy. We even make use of the Healow app so that you can manage your appointments, records, and more all from your phone.
  • Complete Health Picture – We start with an initial comprehensive assessment, which provides a complete picture of your total health. Now we can gauge where you are and help you make choices to ensure you stay active and are able to do the things you love.
  • Accepts Medicare – Your personalized care at Emed is covered by Medicare.

Older Adults with Complex Needs

Perhaps a parent or relative has suffered a decline in health? Emed Multispecialty Group also specializes in helping older adults with complex issues. It all starts with our comprehensive assessment. This helps us get a complete picture of total health to find areas for improvement that can make a difference in daily life for not only the patient, but for the caregiver, too. Some of the things we can help with are:

  • A decline in self care and functions of daily life
  • Lack of appetite or unexplained weight loss
  • Unsteady balance or at risk for falls
  • Bowel or bladder problems (incontinence)
  • Multiple medications and/or needs assistance with medication therapy
  • Memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease
  • Multiple ER visits or unplanned hospitalizations
  • Depression, anxiety

An Expert Team Working Together
Our team of senior-care professionals is led by our Mayo Clinic trained doctor & owner, Dr. Rene Pulido, and includes nurses, pharmacists, and physical therapists.

What does that mean for you? Many times, a doctor working side-by-side with a geriatric pharmacist to review your loved one’s medications, or with a nutritionist to help improve diet, is enough to greatly increase quality of life and reduce ER visits.

Helping You Navigate All the Different Layers
Let us serve as the point person to help you coordinate care among the many needed services and specialists. This approach of having one set of eyes on all aspects of care provides better results than the fragmented care that’s typical among older adults with complex needs.

Primary Care That Puts You First

Connect to the Care That’s Right for You

Individualized care is what sets Emed Multispecialty Group apart from other clinics. Upon visiting our clinic, you’ll witness why we’re the premier pain clinic in Jacksonville. The Emed team, from our expert specialists to our caring staff, provide you an outstanding health care experience.

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