Emed Multispecialty Group

Please note that our telemedicine visits are no longer done through Healow. You can still access a lot of useful features like uploading health tracker information, checking your appointments, sending a message to your doctor, through Healow so we will keep this page available. Our telemedicine visits are now done either through a web portal (so you no longer need to download anything, just click a link we text to your phone) or by voice over a regular phone call.

Healow Telemedicine Walkthrough


Open Healow and sign in (learn how to get Healow here)



Tap the appointments button. You will see all your upcoming appointments. You can see in the example below it has a video icon and says “Televisit”, that’s how you can tell it is a telemedicine visit.



You will see a list of your upcoming appointments. Tap on the upcoming televisit appointment.

Tap the orange “Start TeleVisit” button at the bottom. You will be asked to confirm some vitals (height, weight, etc). 

It’s important to note you will only be able to start the appointment a few minutes before the scheduled start. The below is how it will look if you start the appointment well before your appointment time. You can leave it open or come back closer to the appointment time.